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commercial & residential
Local builders and contractors we have worked with
Commercial & Residential roof inspections, installation
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Some of Our Services
  1. Roof Maintenance & Repair
    Roof Maintenance & Repair
    Don't put off your commercial roofing repair, call the professionals at RSH Engineering & Construction and let us repair your roof back in tip top shape.
  2. New Roof Installation
    New Roof Installation
    We install commercial roofs, small and large. We have done repair and installed hundreds of commercial roofs in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  3. Commercial Claims Assistance
    Commercial Claims Assistance
    If you have need for a commercial roof expert to help you establish legitimate damage and reasonable methods of repair, and accurately identify building materials, then we are ready and available to serve you.
What You Can Expect
We have been in business for over 20 years. (est. 1994) and are well-known as we've worked with over 30 local builders. We have been doing Commercial & Residential roof inspections, installation & repairs conducted since 2008. We have conducted over 6,000 residential and commercial inspections.
Certified Engineers
We are Certified ENGINEERS {structure, mechanical, civil and forensic) who have the full- authority to report on structural and roof damage.
Superior Service
We provide superior inspection, engineering services and roof installations at competitive rates, and maintain independence to ensure an unbiased, rigorous inspection is performed for every client.
Promote professionalism in the inspection industry on a local and national level.
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Welcome to RSH Engineering & Construction - the premier authority in outstanding commercial roof installation Dallas commercial clients trust.

If you're in the Dallas Fort Worth area or surrounding areas and are on the lookout for top-notch commercial roof installation, roof repair, new home phase inspections, consulting, and other related services at honest, fair prices - you couldn't have come to a better place!

RSH Engineering & Construction stands out as the preferred authority in commercial roofing services and home inspection services Dallas clients trust to deliver the quality results they want - on time and within budget.

With a solid background in engineering, and a professional engineering certification from the Texas Board of Professional Engineers, RSH Engineering & Construction prides itself in providing top quality engineering inspection, phase inspection, construction consulting, and roofing installation & repairs that deliver the standout results you can count on.

Here at RSH Engineering & Construction, we specialize in roofing and property inspection services.

Our engineering inspections are geared towards helping customers identify real damages that can be claimed on their insurance. As a building code expert and professional engineer, you can depend on us to identify building code violations to assist customers in getting insurance to pay for it.

So if you're in the Dallas Fort Worth area or surrounding areas and are in search of top quality commercial roof repair, roof installation, phase inspections, or commercial roofing insurance claims services you can rely on, there's no need to look anywhere else because we've got all your needs covered - here at RSH Engineering & Construction!

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  1. RSH did a wonderful job on the framing inspection and then the mechanical inspection.  They identified several critical defects which the builder decided to fix and this will ensure the structural integrity of the house.” – Vivek Goel
  2. My family has worked with RSH on four different construction houses, we’ll use them again in the future.  They have found issues that I would never know to look for and would cost us a lot of money down the road. Several examples come to mind. The first is that in our current house in Dallas we have humidifiers in the attic.  They strongly encouraged us to have the builder put larger drain pans under the systems in case there was a problem.  It was a tough battle with the A/C company but they put in the fix. The first Christmas we used the humidifiers we found out the company had not installed them correctly (I wouldn’t expect RSH to catch this because the issue was inside the humidifier) and the next morning the patio had a constant flow of water out of the emergency pans in the attic because the humidifiers overflowed.  The cost of that issue alone paid for their services.  They also found that the roof was not properly supported, we had the builder reinforce the roof line with additional framing to ensure that we wouldn’t have any issues during bad weather. This year (2014) we’re glad that we did because of all of the extra weight the ice put on our roof.  Given what I paid for this house and the savings that I’ve achieved by some of the maintenance work I would have had to do when we discovered the issues ten or fifteen years down the road, I’d have to say using RSH was a great investment.” – Scott Lopez
  3. ​“The people at RSH Engineering were so very professional, thorough and knowledgeable in their dealings with us and our home inspection. Since we had used a custom builder (who was very particular) for our previous home, it had been 40 years since we had dealt with a “big builder”.  With RSH’s first inspection report, we were able to let the “builder” know what we were wanting corrected on the house long before we closed on the house.  Yes, they pointed out everything they saw that was wrong and, we, being perfectionists, agreed with him.  However, at the same time, we could tell what the “builder” would do and what would be left for us to do. At no time did RSH push the other services of his company on us.  In fact, we contracted with another person for the patio cover before we knew that RSH could do this.  I know that if we ever use their other services, the jobs will be outstanding and up to our perfectionist taste.  RSH was more expensive that some inspectors but even our realtor who had worked with us was very impressed with the report and things mentioned.  RSH did tell us that the construction on the home was fairly well done, it was mainly the finishing touches that were the problems. We were happy with this as we know what we can do with a house with “good bones. If you are not a very picky person and you have a problem with their fees, choose another inspector or contractor.
    We will use their services if needed again!
    ” – Harriet S.

  4. ​“RSH is an exceptional home construction inspector.  They were recommended by 3 separate family members who have used them in the past. In this market, home construction companies are racing to put up homes sacrificing quality, but hoping consumers don’t realize.  RSH found numerous mistakes during our home construction process.  They passionately did everything to ensure the builders make the necessary changes. I would recommend RSH to all people planning to buy or build a home.” – Dr. Timmy Kovoor
  5. RSH did an outstanding job on my new home inspection. They found several minor issues I had overlooked, and a couple more important issues I didn’t know to look for. They explained everything he was looking at as he went along, and as an issue arose took the time to explain it and what the repercussions of it where. Mathew had his full report submitted to me within 24 hours. Working in the new home field myself, and dealing with P.E.’s for several years, RSH is one of the best I have come across. I would definitely recommend him to anyone purchasing a home.” – John D.
Satisfied Customers
At RSH Engineering, your satisfaction is our first priority.  We do everything we can to provide the best service possible.  The owner has a heart to see the consumer always get a fair outcome. We have a full service team ready to help you!

We are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business and have an A+ rating.